Southern African Church Organists’ Society

The Southern African Church Organists’ Society (SAKOV) promotes Protestant church music in the Afrikaans churches and functions as a professional body serving the interests of church organists.

It forms a link between organists and other interested parties and provides subject-related information and guidance. SAKOV also serves in an advisory capacity and lays down guidelines and recommendations in a responsible way – also with regard to salaries and service contracts of organists.

Since its inception on 10 May 1980 SAKOV regularly publishes an official journal, Vir die Musiekleier, as well as newsletters. SAKOV also offers annual training courses in its fourteen regions covering South Africa and Namibia and undertakes special projects such as issuing publications and CDs.

SAKOV members are kept up to date with the latest information relating to church music. While its medium of communication is Afrikaans, SAKOV boasts a membership of almost a thousand, and is thus accommodating of all church organists.